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The Etruscan Pyramid or Piramidal Altar of Bomarzo in the woods of Bomarzo is a particular tuff rock used as a place of worship by the Etruscans in the seventh century AC.

It is shaped like a truncated pyramid similar to those of the Maya and ... [+] more info
Civita di Bagnoregio is a town in the Province of Viterbo in central Italy, a frazione of the comune of Bagnoregio, 1 kilometre (0.6 miles) east from it. It is about 120 kilometres (75 miles) north of Rome.

Perched on top of a hill ... [+] more info
Both coming from Viterbo or Rome, Soriano appears in the same way: the centre lies on the top of a roundish hill,it is characterized by two different types of urbanistic settlement: the little medieval village around the castle (built during the ... [+] more info
The Villa Farnese, also known as Villa Caprarola, is a mansion in the town of Caprarola in the province of Viterbo, Northern Lazio, Italy, approximately 50 kilometres north-west of Rome. This villa should not be confused with the Palazzo Farnese and ... [+] more info
Tarquinia, formerly Corneto, is an old city in the province of Viterbo, known chiefly since it was (mis-)named after the ancient city of Tarquinii (Roman) or Tarch(u)na (Etruscan), although it was built across the valley on the opposite hill to that ... [+] more info
The Lake of Bolsena, in a valley surrounded by breathtaking views and lush green hills and silvery olive groves, is entirely settled in the province of Viterbo, Lazio, but extremely close to both Tuscany and Umbria, and it is facing many towns by ... [+] more info
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The Sacred Grove, colloquially called Park of the Monsters , also named Garden of Bomarzo, is a Manieristic monumental complex located in Bomarzo.

The gardens were created during the 16th century. They are composed out of a wood located ... [+] more info
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