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Bomarzo's Pyramid

Bomarzo's Pyramid

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The Etruscan Pyramid or Piramidal Altar of Bomarzo in the woods of Bomarzo is a particular tuff rock used as a place of worship by the Etruscans in the seventh century AC.

It is shaped like a truncated pyramid similar to those of the Maya and is called " Bomarzo's Pyramid " someone calls it "The Preacher's stone".

The boulder was carefully worked so as to obtain a staircase of 26 steps first leading to two halfway side by side altars, and then of the main altar on top. Other minor staircases complete the structure for a total of about 50 steps . There are also various seats and on the right side, some channels that would be used for the collection of spills during the sacrifices. Various 15cm deep niches are also visile probably designed to accommodate tools and rituals of worship.

The pyramid is in the area called " Tacchiolo " that is full of artifacts and settlements belonging to the Etruscan period like the not far area called "Santa Cecilia ". Walking along the trails through the surrounding woods, you will arrive in cave dwellings into huge megalithic stones, altars and places of worship, and early Christian cemetery.

The trails are tortuous, sometimes unmarked and submerged by vegetation, full of ups and downs and very steep passages but ... the hide treasures reward the efforts needed to achieve them.

Before the Etruscan period, it is likely that the place of the Pyramid had been chosen as "high place " from "Cività of Rinaldoniani" .They usually settled just down rivers and above the cliffs next to rivers. Then the "Rinaldoniani" used to carve stones for graves and for astronomical purposes and worship.

The altar was discovered in the spring of 1991 by an expedition led by some local researchers: Giovanni Lamoratta and Giuseppe Maiorano. Unfortunately official archeology has not yet made study of this settlement, that is now abandoned.

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